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Billing and Income Reports for Physicians

If you're a physician in Alberta, you know that billing and income management are essential to keeping your practice running smoothly. Understanding how to analyze your billing data can help you gain insights...

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Billing with Connect Care

As Connect Care rolls out across AHS facilities in Alberta, physicians now have the option to enter their billings directly in Connect Care. The feature allows physicians to save time by entering their...

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AHCIP Phone Billing Codes Cheat Sheet

Alberta Health phone call codes are some of the most underused billing codes for physicians. In this post, we’re going to review how to correctly bill the AHCIP phone codes and the restrictions on their use....

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New Alberta Virtual Care Code Rules

The AMA and AHCIP recently notified physicians about upcoming changes to virtual care codes in Alberta. The changes will better compensate physicians, moving virtual care to a compensation structure more...

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