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Let us help you. Our medical administration and billing services are secure, fast and accurate, backed by expert agents to ensure physicians top level service.


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We’re dedicated to providing the best physician billing service in Canada. And we want to serve you.

Increase Reimbursements

StatGo increases your collected billings by 2%-10% through knowledge of billing rules and diligent follow-up on rejected claims.

Use StatGo Software

Use the StatGo’s Software to see every claim and its status. If a claim is rejected or underpaid, you can see what action we’re taking to get the problem fixed.

Save your Time

StatGo handles everything meaning you don’t need to manage your billings, missed claims, required follow-up on rejected claims.

Safe & Secure

Bank grade security protection, including end-to-end AES-256 SSL encryption. Stay compliant and keep patient information safe.

All Claims Types

We can help you with every medical claim type, including in-province, out-of-province, WCB, Federal, Foreign Insurance, and Private claims.

Agent Support

Talk any time to a medical billing agent to get your questions answered.

Best on Clinic Medical Billings

We apply technology and expertise to help you ensure every claim is correctly billed and no claims are left unpaid. We give you transparency and confidence in your billing. Learn more

Get a Free Assessment

Make sure StatGo is right for you. For interested physicians, we provide a free assessment meeting. We’ll discuss your practice and ensure we can help before you sign up.

Everything at your Fingertips

With the StatGo’s Software, you have visibility to all your billings. Every claim submitted and its status is available. If a claim is rejected or underpaid, you can see what we’re doing about it to get the issue resolved.

View your Claims

Group and view claims based on status.

Filter your Claims

Find claims with filters, including date range, status, patient name, PHN, and code.

Track your Follow-ups

Claims requiring your attention are grouped in the “For Review” tab.

Follow-up Rejected and Unpaid Claims

Review claims actively handled by Agents.

We Offer

Billing and Financial Planning Seminars

Client Testimonials

"StatGo provides an efficient, user friendly and stress-free experience for physician billing. My experience with StatGo has been exceptional."

– Dr Meredith Hutton, Anesthesiologist Calgary, Alberta

"I have left thousands of dollars on the table over the years and now I'm at peace with all this in StatGo's hands."

– Dr. Timur Ozelsel, Anesthesiologist Edmonton, Alberta

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