New Staff Physician Seminar

Available Dates

Please contact for available dates.

45 minute online seminar. Live Q&A included. Learn more about improving and optimizing your billings.

  • Medical Billing. We explain how billing works in Alberta, key billing concepts to understand, and important tips to make sure you don’t lose income in your first years of practice. This information is presented by Statgo Medical Billing.
  • Physician Insurance. We cover the types of physician insurance available and context on what types of insurance your need at different phases of your career. Information is presented by Avico.
  • Financial Planning/Portfolio Management. We cover key key areas of financial planning for physicians, the financial options available and what steps you should take in your first years of practice to lay a foundation for financial success. This information provided by Joel Shackleton, CIM. 

Food provided for both online and in-person seminars!

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