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We apply technology and expertise to help you ensure every claim is correctly billed and no claims are left unpaid. We give you transparency and confidence in your billing.

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Billing is essential to a successful clinic and we work closely with your staff and administrators to make sure its done right. Apply our technology to improve your clinic. 


Use our technology to optimize your billings and make sure no claims, surcharges or modifiers are missed. 


We work closely with administrators, staff and physicians to get the insights you need.  

Rejection Management

We save you valuable time by helping to avoid rejections and getting any unpaid claims resolved. 

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Better Top Line Results

Research shows that almost 1/3 of Canadian physicians miss 10% or more of their eligible billings and almost every physician is missing some portion of their billings. We help you improve your clinic finances – starting right at the top.

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Client Testimonials

"StatGo provides an efficient, user friendly and stress-free experience for physician billing. My experience with StatGo has been exceptional."

– Dr Meredith Hutton, Anesthesiologist Calgary, Alberta

"I have left thousands of dollars on the table over the years and now I'm at peace with all this in StatGo's hands."

– Dr. Timur Ozelsel, Anesthesiologist Edmonton, Alberta